About Us

As our name suggests, we are based in Scrabster which is located on the northern coast of Scotland and just a few miles from the town of Thurso. This location is perfect for us given its proximity to the main fishing grounds in the North Atlantic, and here we take in white fish and other seafood, process it if required, then distribute it to our customers in the UK, mainland Europe and further afield including the Far East.

We were established in 1968 and have enjoyed steady growth ever since, with a total workforce of over 25. Our values are very much around providing first class customer service, and combining this with a modern outlook to ensure we stay abreast of an ever-changing fishing industry and market.

The scale of our operation is impressive, with example figures being the 75-80 tons of fish and other seafood we handle weekly, giving a total output of around 4000 tons annually.

Bases also in the Faroe Islands and France

As our business grew in recent decades, we expanded to also have an operation in the Faroe Islands, plus a sales office in France. The operation in the Faroe Islands reflects the importance of this small island cluster – which is located some 300 kilometres to the north of us – in the fishing industry. The sales office in France provides us with an ideal location to service our customers across mainland Europe, and especially France itself where we supply many of the major supermarket chains.

Growth and the future

Many industries now service a global market, and it’s increasingly no different for fish and other seafood.  For us this has meant expansion into the Far East, and we see this as the key growth opportunity in the coming years.