What We Do

We occupy a unique position as a wholesaler within the fishing industry, in that we provide a complete and comprehensive service as an importer, vessel sales agent, processor and exporter of white fish and other seafood.  Our direct access to the catching sector means we’re able to provide a cost-effective and time-efficient service to our customers in the UK, mainland Europe and across the globe including the Far East.

Given our unique position in the market, our customers include other wholesalers in the UK, mainland Europe and the Far East, plus retailers in both the UK and Europe, including independent operators and large supermarket chains.

The fish we take in, where it comes in to, and who we buy from

Working with our team in the Faroe Islands, we take in white fish, salmon, langoustine and other shellfish, and bought direct from day boats, line vessels, trawlers, seine netters and creel fishermen. In addition to our own operations in Scrabster and the Faroe Islands, we also buy daily from the fishing ports of Peterhead and Kinlochbervie.  Depending on what our customers require, white fish and salmon is either filleted or supplied whole.

Specialist handling of shellfish

Shellfish such as lobster, brown crab and langoustine requires specialist handling and principally because of the typical requirement to supply it live to our customers. This we’re fully able to do and have extensive experience in the area, and can airfreight worldwide plus also processing of the shellfish to customer requirements.

Fast and efficient distribution network

Having customers across Europe and further across the globe in the Far East, means having a fast and efficient distribution network. For mainland Europe we have a dedicated distribution partner whose base is right next door to us in Scrabster, meaning that refrigerated vehicles can depart as quickly as possible after the catch has been landed, thus ensuring the product gets to our customers in the best possible condtion. For our Far East market the main transport is of course by air, and again we’re fully geared up to ensure that fish and shellfish are delivered to our customers as quickly as possible.